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Get the average Guardian disability insurance premium instantly based upon your occupation, gender, age, and income range. Once you complete the form to the leftabove we will show you the average rate people are paying now, allow you to adjust your quote, and show you how people just like you set up their own disability insurance policies.

This tool shows you exactly what everybody else purchased from the agents using this website. You can see the average annual premium, and once you have submitted your disability insurance quote request we will show you exactly what your entire peer group purchased on their own policies. You can see what percentage of people in your occupation, age, gender and income level purchased specific optional riders, benefit periods, elimination periods, and exactly how they set their disability insurance policy up.
You can see the average premium for all policyholders. We think this is the best way to show you exactly what to expect for your own disability insurance policy.
The average premium is just that, an average of all of the people who actually bought a policy from agents using this website. Your personal quote may be a bit more, or may be a bit less. The only way to find out exactly how much you will pay is to request a disability insurance quote yourself using the form above. The average is going to include the people who bought the most minimal coverage, as well as people who were rated because of health histories.
We are showing you exactly what everybody else like you bought, so you know what your peer group is doing when it comes to individual disability insurance.