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Business Owner's Disability Insurance
by Gary Fegan

As a business owner, you have put your blood, sweat, tears and likely your financial backing on the line. You feel like you will never become disabled and your business will thrive and prosper until you decide to call it quits. Let’s hope that is true, but what if it is not true? Consider the …


Disability Buy-Out Insurance for Business Owners
by Bill Olmsted

A healthy buy-sell agreement should contain provisions that anticipate the future needs of a business. Although most buy-sell agreements make provision for the death of a business owner, many buy-sell agreements are silent when it comes to the disability of a business owner. The reality is that a business …


Business Loan Disability Insurance
by Steve Crawford

In some point in our professional careers, many individuals come across an opportunity to strike out on their own to open a new venture and become self-employed. Others may come across a situation where there is an opportunity to buy into an existing business as a partner. In either case, especially …


Is There A Way To Cover My Business Expenses?
by Gary Fegan

Many small business owners and entrepreneurs understand the importance of protecting their own personal income but neglect to insure proper care of their business when a long term disability or sickness occurs. Sadly, many successful businesses fail when the CEO cannot work because of a long term disability …


Qualified Sick Pay Plans
by Bill Olmsted

Business owners face a number of challenges in running their business and making sure their employees are productive and happy. One of the areas of concern that many small business owners have is the unexpected disability of one of their employees. A disability of a key employee can have significant …