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Why CRNA's are Leaving the AANA plan for Individual Disability Insurance
by William Olmsted

I’ve received a great number of calls recently due to the AANA association disability policy rate increase. If you’re an AANA member and have the group plan underwritten by New York Life, you’ve just seen your premiums increase substantially. This is typically due to unexpected claims experience within …

Own-Occupation Disability Insurance For Physicians
by William Olmsted

Physicians should buy the disability insurance policy with the best definition of disability available in order to protect their income. The amount of time and money a new physician has invested in his or her career is staggering. The average new physician racks up $166,750 in medical school debt, while …

by Bill Olmsted

If you’re a medical resident, chances are you’ve heard something about protecting your income using a true own-occupation disability insurance policy. You’ve heard that you need to buy something that protects your income in your chosen specialty; that it should have a cost of living adjustment rider; …

by Gary Fegan

An accident or illness can strike at any time- without warning! As a surgeon, are you prepared to have your working career cut short? Can you and your family survive financially if your income were to come to a screeching halt due to a disability? You have studied and worked so hard to become a surgeon …