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The Top 20 Occupations Buying Disability Insurance

Since 1999, we have provided individual disability insurance quotes to people nationwide via this website. In that time, we have seen tens of thousands of people request quotes and buy policies. In a recent review of the data of those who purchased a policy from our firm, it was interesting to see which occupations actually ended up buying a Berkshire disability insurance policy the most, is your occupation on the list?

When we first reviewed our analysis there were no really large surprises. We have always known that Berkshire is a market leader in disability insurance for the medical and dental marketplace, so we expected all of these specialties to be at the top of our lists. 

We were also very happy to see so many attorneys, executives, and sales professionals in our top 20 occupations buying a policy. Insurance companies are always trying to increase their in-force block of business from non-medical occupations to diversify their book of business, and we are certainly doing our fair share of non-medical occupations. It makes sense to us, attorneys and executives are in some of Berkshire's best occupational classes, so they get a very good rate. 

We often ask this question to people thinking about buying a disability insurance policy, "Why do you think so many physicians buy a policy?" It is because they see what an illness does to somebody every day, and understand the need for coverage better than anybody. We never have to sell a physician on the need for buying a policy, they just want to have the best policy they can get their hands on. As a consumer, I would want to buy the same policy my physician owns, because no other occupation spends more time understanding disability insurance.

We put this small article out there for anybody to review, we are a big fan of data, and we thought some may find this kind of thing interesting.

William Olmsted holds a Financial Representative contract with The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America based out of New York, NY.

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