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Disability Insurance for Emergency Medicine Physicians

How Emergency Medicine Physician Clients Buy Disability Insurance
Emergency medicine physicians
See How Your Peer Group Buys a Policy


See How Other Emergency Medicine Physicians Buy Berkshire Disability Insurance

Berkshire Life has been a market leader in disability insurance for physicians since they merged with Guardian in the year 2000. Your medical specialty is the 8th most popular occupation purchasing coverage through our company. On this web page, we offer you two unique resources that show you exactly how other ER Physicians matching your income and age bought their policies through us.

  1. The first resource is at the top of this page, simply input your age and income level, and we show you exactly how your peer group of ER Docs bought coverage through us. It will show you what percentage of your peers purchased each optional rider, the average monthly benefit purchased, and what elimination and benefit periods are the most popular.
  2. The second resource is an instant disability insurance quote engine. It will show you the average premium other emergency room physicians who match your income, age, and gender are paying for their coverage right now.

The Value Of Working With Our Company

We believe you understand the value of having a specialty, and disability insurance is our specialty. This is all we focus on every day, and as a result we believe we know a lot more about it than the average financial planner who has multiple financial services products and companies to handle. We are able to negotiate the best possible offers from underwriters because of our experience, we know about every available discount this company has to offer, and even more important we have paid more claims than most insurance agents have. We work with the people at Berkshire every day, and know them on a first name basis. The agents in our office are not random call-center employees, they are all experience disability insurance specialists.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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