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Disability Insurance for Emergency Medicine Physicians

True Own Occupation

ER Physicians should have a special type of policy to protect their income. True own occupation disability insurance that protects you in your medical specialty is critical.

A true own occupation disability insurance policy states that you will be considered total disabled, if solely due to injury or illness, you are unable to do the material and substantial duties of your own occupation, even if you are working in another occupation.

This type of policy allows an ER physician to receive full benefits if they are disabled from working in emergency medicine, even if they chose to do something else within, or outside of, medicine. Because of the demanding requirements of emergency medicine, a true own occupation definition of disability, which covers your own occupation as an ER physician specialist, is a must have feature.

Emergency Room Physician

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Features to Include for ER Physicians

Be sure to consider the following features to have the most comprehensive policy:

  • Non-cancellable and guaranteed renewable – Ensures that the insurance company can’t increase the rates on your policy or change any provisions as long as you pay your premiums.
  • Partial disability – Pays a percentage of your monthly benefit if you have a loss of income but are not totally disabled.
  • Cost of living adjustment rider – Increases your disability benefit to keep pace with inflation during a long term claim.
  • Future income option – Gives you the ability to increase your coverage without additional medical underwriting as your income increases. Perfect for young ER Physicians in residency.
  • Student loan rider – Provides an additional monthly benefit to help pay back student loans that may still be due in the event of a disability.
  • Retirement protection plus – Ensures savings continue for retirement in the event you are totally disabled and not able to fund a qualified retirement plan.

We Specialize in ER Physicians

Our firm has helped almost 10,000 clients protect their income with disability insurance. In 2018, ER Physicians were our #4 occupation who purchased coverage. We know how to design a policy for your occupation and get it through underwriting with every available discount.

Resident Physicians

If you are currently in residency, now is the time to consider buying your disability coverage.

  • Lock in lower rates
  • Possible discounts available
  • Guarantee your ability to increase your coverage as income increases

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