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Disability Insurance for Insurance Agents

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It is not a secret in this business that you sell a lot more of the financial services products that you own personally. It is also not a surprise to us that insurance agents and financial planners are among the top twenty occupations buying disability insurance from agents using the system. If you have your own life and health license, we assume you would want to sell yourself your own disability insurance policy. In order to broker your own policy just select a Guardian agency servicing the territory you live in. You can also request a disability insurance quote from this web site, and we will assign it to the correct Guardian agency.

What Do Insurance Agents Purchase & Why?

Exactly what optional riders you select on your own policy is going to depend on how your income is structured. Some agents have a large renewal income, and some earn primarily first year commissions. On this page you can utilize the tool at the top of the page to see exactly how every insurance agent who matches your age and income structured their policy through us. It will show you the average monthly benefit purchased, which optional riders are the most popular among your peers, and which elimination and benefit periods are the most popular as well.

We also offer a unique instant quote feature on this page that will show you what the average premiums are for other insurance agents who match your age, gender, and income. We are more than happy to sell you a policy if you want us to handle it, however if you prefer to sell it to yourself you will need to work with a Guardian agency in your territory from the link above.

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Why Agents Choose Berkshire Disability Insurance vs. The Competition

Berkshire has been one of the top selling companies in DI for many years now. Many agents choose them because they believe in their products for their clients, and believe they have the most comprehensive DI policy available in today's marketplace. Their product offering allows people to choose anything from the most comprehensive level of coverage available, down to a very basic policy. Instead of shopping the market, Berkshire's product has become the market.

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