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Disability Insurance for Insurance Anesthesiologists

See Exactly How Your Peers Bought Their Policy

We offer something very unique, on our website you can see how every anesthesiologist who matches your age, income level, and gender bought their Berkshire disability insurance policy from us. When you utilize the tool at the top of this page, you will see exactly how your peer group typically sets up a policy. We take all of the guesswork out of the purchasing process, so that you don't have to become an expert on the subject matter to design a policy.

You will be able to see what percentage of people just like you chose each optional rider, what benefit period, elimination period, average monthly benefit, and much more. You can't get this kind of transparency anywhere else on the internet.

Step 2 - Get An Instant Price

The other resource we offer to you is an instant quote tool, where you can see what the average premium other anesthesiologists are currently paying for their individual disability insurance policies now with our office. Again, it will show you what your peer group is paying right now. It is based on people with your same medical specialty, age, gender, and income level. Please feel free to use this tool to decide how much disability insurance coverage you would like to purchase.

Why Anesthesiologists Choose Us For Disability Insurance

We are specialist in this one financial services product, we spend all day, everyday on the sale of disability income insurance with Berkshire Life. Our experience allows us to offer you every possible discount you could obtain, negotiate with the underwriters to make sure you get the best possible offer from the insurance company, and should you ever need to file a claim, you file that claim as one of our policyholders with all of the relationships we have.

Our agents are licensed in every state of the United States, and are ready to work with you to help you secure a disability insurance policy today. You can get a quote by calling our office toll free at (888)513-2300 or requesting a disability insurance quote on-line. We know you are busy, our goal is to help you buy a policy quickly and easily.


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