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Disability Insurance for Architects

As an architect, by nature you are a planner. You spend thousands of hours planning the finest details every day. Yet so many architects find themselves without any disability income insurance protection, unable to find the time to devote to planning for the worst to protect their families. The foundation, or keystone, to a sound financial plan is a high quality individual disability insurance policy.

See How Other Architects Purchased Their Disability Insurance Policies From Berkshire Life

Our firm is designed to offer 100% transparency to consumers interested in purchasing a policy for themselves. We offer two unique web-based tools that will show you exactly how other architect clients of ours set up their disability insurance policies.

  1. The resource at the top of this page will show you exactly how your peer group buys Berkshire disability insurance. The needs of a 55 year old are different than the needs of a 30 year old, so when you enter your age, and salary the system will display how every other architect matching your income and age designs their policy. It will display the average monthly benefit purchased, which optional riders people bought, what elimination or benefit period people chose, and much more. It takes all of the guessing game out of the purchase process.
  2. The other tool on this page allows you to see the rates for a policy instantly. When you enter your information it will display the average premium people matching your occupation, gender, age and income are paying right now for their in-force policies.

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Policy Competitive Advantages & Discounts

There are many reasons to purchase the Provider Choice policy from Berkshire Life. As you review the detailed policy strengths of this product, you will begin to understand that each aspect of this policy is designed to be the most comprehensive level of disability income insurance protection a professional such as yourself can own. It is true Own-Occupation, offers an Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit Rider with a built-in recovery provision that may offer benefits for up to the entire benefit period, and much more. It is our firm belief that no other policy on the market can offer an architect better coverage.

There are several discounts available to architects. If your firm will endorse this policy in writing, we are able to offer a 10% employer sponsored discount depending on the size of your firm and at least three or more people sign up together, and subsequent employees would also be eligible for the discount as well.

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