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Disability Insurance for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists

CRNA's have very specific medical duties, and high incomes that need to be protected with specialty disability insurance. The best way to accomplish this is through the use of an own occupation individual disability insurance policy. Like physician's with medical specialties, CRNA's need to have a policy that will pay them if they are unable to do the specific duties of their profession, even if they are able to do something else. This own occupation definition of disability provides the most secure form of income protection, as it allows a CRNA to earn an income in another profession, and still receive full disability benefits; thus, getting them much closer to the income they enjoyed as a CRNA prior to disability.

Individual vs. Association Plans for CRNA's

Individual disability insurance policies can provide a much more comprehensive level or protection, and do so with premiums that will not increase over time. A properly structured disability insurance policy for a CRNA will have an own occupation definition of disability; a partial disability benefit that doesn't require the insured to be totally disabled first; and provide for a premium structure that doesn't increase over time as one ages. Although some association plans offer protection in a CRNA's own occupation, they don't fulfill the other two requirements. Under an association plan, partial disabilities are only payable after a period of total disability, which is not helpful for an illness that slowly disables; and they have pricing increases every few year. While an association plan may seem cheaper in the early years, it often times becomes more expensive over time, and frequently, one may find better coverage at the same or lower pricing with an individual policy.

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