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Disability Insurance for Dermatologists

See How Other Dermatologists Own Berkshire Disability Insurance

You have landed on the right web page, we offer you two resources on this page that take the guessing game out of the buying process. Please make full use of them both, they are designed to show you exactly how your peer group of dermatologists bought from us already.

  1. At the top of this page we offer a unique resource that pulls the curtain back to show you exactly how other dermatologists matching your income and age structured their policies with us. It will display the average monthly benefit purchased, which optional riders your peers selected, and also show you what percentage of them selected specific elimination and benefit periods.
  2. The second resource on this page will show you a quote, and allow you to decide how much disability insurance protection you would like to have. Our quote request tool actually displays the average premium other dermatologists matching your income, age, and gender are currently paying for their Berkshire disability insurance policy now through our firm.

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Why Should You Buy From Us?

Why do other physicians refer patients to you? You have a medical specialty, an area of medicine that you focus all of your time and energy into. We are specialists as well, all of our time and energy is focused on disability insurance. Your average financial planner has many products and services, we focus on one. We believe this allows us to be better at it than most. We know every possible discount you could obtain, we know how to negotiate the best possible offers from underwriters when you apply for a policy, and more importantly we have probably paid more claims then whoever else you are thinking about working with. You are buying this policy to protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn an income, we would think you would want a specialist working with you on something so important to you and your family.

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