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Disability Insurance for Engineers

Explore How Other Engineers Structured Their Disability Insurance Policies

Our company offers you two unique tools that you can use on this page to see exactly how your peers designed the policies they purchased from us. When you purchase a policy, there are quite a few decisions you are going to need to make on the policy design, so we believe the best way to help is to show you exactly how every other engineer designed their Berkshire policy with our company.

  1. The first tool is at the top of the page, and will show you exactly how other engineers matching your age and income level designed their benefits. Enter your age and income, and it will show the average monthly benefit your peers purchased, which optional riders they selected, and what percentage of them selected each elimination or benefit period. We take all of the guessing out of the shopping process for you.
  2. The second resource on this page is an instant quote calculator, it will display the average premiums other engineers who also have your same age, gender, and income are currently paying for their policies with us. This allows you to pick and choose what coverage best suits your needs.

Why Select A Berkshire Policy From Us?

Berkshire Life has been a market leader in the individual disability insurance space since they merged with Guardian Life in the year 2000. The coverage they offer now truly allows you to design anything from the most comprehensive level of protection on the market down to a very basic policy. You don't need to shop other carriers anymore, because you really can design whatever you need with their product offering.

Our office specializes in the sale of DI with Berkshire, this is what we do every day, and as a result have become quite good at it. We have been focused on the sale of DI since 1997, and while it is important to you for us to be able to negotiate the best offering from Berkshire's underwriters at the time you apply, we think it is even more important that you have specialists like us available to you at the time of claim. Your buying this to protect your most valuable asset, your ability to earn an income, you probably want a specialist making sure everything is done correctly.


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