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Disability Insurance for Otolaryngologists

As an otolaryngologist you have a defined medical specialty recognized by the American Board of Medical Specialties. If you have limited your occupation to the performance of the material and substantial duties of that specialty, you need to have a top tier disability insurance policy that recognizes your medical specialty.

Use the form on this page to see exactly what the average premiums are that other otolaryngologists are paying for their policies based upon age, gender, and income range. When you request a proposal, you will also see how all of our other ENT clients set up their coverage. You can see what percentage of them selected each optional rider, which elimination period they chose, and what benefit period they chose as well. It is designed so that you can see how most ENT's just like you buy disability insurance.

Why Berkshire Disability Insurance for ENTs?

There are few companies that offer an ENT a true own-occupation policy. Berkshire is one of those companies that will not limit the amount of time you can get own-occupation coverage; it is for the entire benefit period. The Provider Choice disability insurance policy, for ENT's, does not have any mandatory limitations for benefits payable for a disability due to a mental disorder* like many of our competitors do, even if your specialty is surgery.

While that alone should be enough to choose a Berkshire disability insurance policy as a Head and Neck surgeon, the true power in this policy is in the Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit1. Provider Choice is the only contract on the market for an ENT that offers true own-occupation coverage to age 65 or 67 with medical specialty language, an optional Graded Lifetime Indemnity for Total Disability Rider, and an Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit Rider that can provide a recovery provision for the entire benefit period.

The Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit Rider does not require a loss of time or duties to pay a claim. With this rider you will continue to be eligible for partial benefits for as long as there is at least a 15% income loss solely due to sickness or injury, even if you are back to work full time trying to rebuild your practice. You are buying disability insurance to protect your income and lifestyle, and this rider truly offers some of the most comprehensive partial protection in the market today.


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* All new policies issued in California will have the Mental and/or Substance-Related Disorder (MSRD) limitation. Policies issued to anesthesiologists/anesthetists, emergency room physicians, pain management physicians, and nurse anesthetists will always have an MSRD limitation. Discounts are applied when there is an MSRD limitation. MSRD limitations do not apply to policies issued as the result of a future increase or future purchase option when exercised from a policy that did not have such a limitation.

2017-51542 Exp. 12/19

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