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What Is The Relationship Between Guardian & Berkshire?

Berkshire is a wholly owned stock subsidiary of Guardian

In July of 2001 The Berkshire Life Insurance Company completed a merger with Guardian Life Insurance Company of America. Guardian maintained its normal operations, and the old Berkshire company stopped, and a new Berkshire company was formed. BLICOA (Berkshire Life Insurance Company Of America) is now a wholly owned stock subsidiary of Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

The new Berkshire company has a primary focus on the disability insurance product line for Guardian. The merger made a lot of sense because up until July of 2001 Berkshire and Guardian were competitors in the own-occupation disability insurance marketplace. Both companies before the merger were also mutual companies, which meant that they both acted in the best interest of their policyholders instead of the stock price.

With so many similarities in the disability insurance marketplace, it made a lot of sense for the two carriers to join together. As a result of this merger, and the continued success of both operations, Berkshire is now one of the leaders in the individual non-cancellable disability insurance marketplace. The Provider Choice disability insurance policy has quickly become the standard for top notch disability insurance among professionals, physicians, dentists, and other white collar occupations.

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