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How To Apply For Disability Insurance

Step 1 - Get A Quote

The first step in the process for you as a consumer is to request a quote, you can use the form on this page, or navigate to the information about your specific occupation. The quote tool will display the average disability insurance rate people are currently paying based upon their occupation, annual income range, age, and gender. When you submit the quote request, our systems will automatically assign an agent to work with you. Your agent will contact you to learn more about your needs, and design a custom proposal for you as well.

It is common for you and your agent to spend some time on the phone together, or at least to exchange several emails fine tuning your policy. Once you have gone through your proposal, selected the various optional riders, and decided on your monthly benefit, then next step is to apply for your policy.

Step 2 - e-App

Our agency uses a process called "e-App" developed by Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America. Your disability insurance application will be filled out online and signed electronically. Once you sign the application electronically, the underwriting process begins.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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Step 3 - The Underwriting Process

We have more detailed information available for you to review on disability insurance underwriting. It takes about 30 days for us to complete this process, during which time the insurance company is evaluating whether or not you are a good risk to issue a policy. Assuming you are in good health, and we are able to complete the underwriting process, the company will most likely issue you a policy. Once this policy has been issued, it is then time to decide whether or not you want to make your first premium payment to place the coverage in-force.

Step 4 - Accepting Your Disability Insurance Policy

Once the underwriting department has made a final decision to issue a policy, we use an E-Delivery process to provide you a policy. You will receive the policy electronically, and you and your agent will be able to go over it together to make sure it is exactly what you need. Once you have accepted the coverage using the E-Delivery system, and made your first premium payment your disability insurance protection is in-force.

Step 5 - Policy Holder Service

The only things that you really ever need to do with your policy once it is in-force is let us know anytime you move, or change banks. If your income increases, you may also want to talk to us again so that we can increase your coverage to protect your higher income level.

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