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What Are The Odds of Becoming Disabled?

"When was the last time I took a nine month vacation?"

If the answer is never, then you need disability insurance. If you knew that the odds of becoming disabled are around 30% before the age of 65, would you go without disability insurance? Would you put your entire financial security at risk of a total collapse by not having disability insurance? That's what happens to people who don't have disability income insurance when a sickness or injury prevents them from bringing home a paycheck. Think about the financial stress in your life right now, then amplify it ten-fold when there is no monthly income because of your sickness or accident. The odds are much higher that you will suffer a period of disability lasting 90 days or more before you reach the age of 65.

Now that you have a better understanding of the risk, are you interested in obtaining a personal long term disability insurance policy? Can you go on a nine month vacation without skipping a beat financially? That's the big mistake that people make when they decide on disability insurance. We hear the excuse "I could make it almost a year without an income." Our question is "WHY? Why would you want to?" Disability insurance premiums are generally only 2-3% of your total annual income. We offer a resource on this website that allows you to view instant disability insurance rates based upon your age, occupation, gender, and monthly benefit amount. Not having disability insurance is a BAD MOVE. There is no excuse for not having it unless you are independently wealthy. The worst excuse is "I can't afford it." That only means that you are on the edge even more than others and have the most to lose in the shortest amount of time.

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