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Can I Get Disability Insurance To Cover My Pregnancy?

The Provider Choice disability insurance policy offered by Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America is not a contract that the insurance company will use to cover people seeking protection for their current pregnancy. Most disability insurance companies do not protect current pregnancies, in other words, if you are pregnant at the time you apply for a personal disability insurance policy, the insurance company will either issue the policy with an exclusion for the current pregnancy, or they may even postpone or decline the application all together if the pregnancy is too far along, or there is a history of complications.

Our agency likes to use pregnancy as a wake-up call for people when it comes to disability income insurance. We find couples desperately seeking to obtain coverage from every company under the sun for the current pregnancy all the time, the bottom line is the quality contracts won't cover it because it is a pre-existing condition. In addition, we believe your best option is to obtain a comprehensive disability insurance policy like the Provider Choice with the exclusion rider for the current pregnancy, and after you have delivered the child come back to the insurance company and request they review the policy to remove the exclusion.

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