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Berkshire Disability Insurance Policy Information

Provider Choice Disability Insurance Policy 1

The individual disability income insurance product available through Berkshire is the Provider Choice. This page offers you a detailed brochure of the benefits of the Provider Choice, as well as an annotated specimen policy. This policy is one of the most comprehensive policies available to a white collar professional today. It offers a true own-occupation definition of total disability and a residual disability benefit rider that does not require a loss of time or duties in order to pay a claim. The Provider Choice was designed to be the most comprehensive level of disability insurance protection a professional can buy in order to pay the most claims in the most possible claims situations.

The number one reason people buy DI protection is to protect their family. If you understand that your ability to continue to earn an income is your most valuable asset, then disability insurance is not a product you want to get the cheapest version of. If you request a detailed proposal from the quote request form on this page, you will be assigned an agent, and see an instant rate for every in-force policyholder we have who matches your age, gender, occupation, and income range. You will also see what percentage of our policyholders choose the various optional riders you can choose from.

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