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Why Should I Buy From Your Agency?

Comprehensive Coverage

We represent The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, a market leader in the insurance arena. Their personal disability product line, offered through their wholly owned subsidiary Berkshire Life, is what we believe to be the most comprehensive level of income protection a person can own today. The Provider Choice is Berkshire's DI product, and we don't think there is a single product in the entire industry that can say they offer a more comprehensive level of coverage. This product was designed to pay the most claims dollars in the most possible claims scenarios. Most of our clients are white-collar professionals who just want to know that they have a great disability insurance policy, and should something happen to them, that they have done their absolute best to make sure their family is taken care of during a claim. No two contracts are the same, each one is made up of multiple provisions, but we have yet to see any provision offered by another insurance company that we think is better than Provider Choice.

If you want to know that you bought the best possible protection for yourself and your family, this is the place to begin that process. All you need to do is request a proposal using our instant quote tool on this page.

Our Agents

There are not many people in the financial services industry who truly specialize in personal disability insurance. Most of the financial planners you will meet during your lifetime tend to focus on life insurance and investment products. Each and every representative in our firm is a member of Berkshire Life's "DI Inner Circle", and really all that means is that we have sold a lot of individual disability insurance to clients across the United States. Our agents have been referenced in disability insurance articles in CNN-Money Magazine, The New York Times, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CBSMarketwatch and Financial Planning Magazine. Feel free to click on the link about our agents to learn more about each of them, you can also call us toll free during the work week at 888-513-2300 from 9-5 EST.

We like to ask our clients a simple question when they are deciding between working with us, or somebody else. Who do you want representing you in the underwriting process? Would you prefer somebody you know locally who maybe has written 5-10 policies during their entire career...or us, who has obtained thousands of policies for a wide array of occupations. We have the ability to work directly with the underwriters and have been advocates for bringing product enhancement ideas to the executives. Remember, you are buying this policy to protect your income and your family, not to do a favor to your local friend who is an agent. We are one of the largest writers of disability insurance in the country for Berkshire Life.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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There is another benefit to working with us instead of somebody local, the information discovered during the underwriting process is quite personal in nature. Not only will you have to disclose to your agent your annual income, but he or she will know everything about your medical history by the time the underwriting process is completed. It's not always easy to disclose some of the more sensitive information to an agent face-to-face, especially if it is somebody you know well. When you work with us over the phone and through email, it's a lot easier because odds are you will never meet us in person.

We Get It Done Quickly

This entire process should take no longer than 30 days to complete from the time you request a proposal, to the time you have an in-force policy. We are not going to waste your time, you are hear to see if you want to buy a DI policy, and that's all we are going to try to make happen for you. Once you have requested a quote, our system will automatically assign you to one of our agents, and you will receive his or her contact information. Please feel free to call them anytime, at some point in this process you are going to talk to them anyway, so the earlier that phone call happens the quicker this process is. Once your agent has reviewed the proposal with you over the phone, it is up to you on whether or not you want to buy the policy. Once you have decided to buy the policy your agent will complete an application over the phone with you, and send it to you electronically for review and signature. Once you sign the application we begin the entire underwriting process which should take less than 30 days to complete.

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