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Disability Insurance for Financial Professionals

Two Unique Resources To Help You Decide

On this page our company offers you two resources not available anywhere else. They will show you how your peer group purchases Berkshire disability insurance, our goal is to take all of the guesswork out of this process for you. We believe DI to be the most important financial services product there is, it is the keystone to any financial plan. Your ability to earn an income is what allows you to live the lifestyle you have grown accustomed to, Berkshire has been one of the top companies in our industry since they merged with Guardian in the year 2000, so on this page we are going to show you how everybody just like you bought their policy.

  1. The first resource we have at the top of this page shows you exactly how every other financial professional matching your age and income level structured their policy. When you buy a policy, there are a lot of decisions to make, and this tool shows you what percentage of your peers selected each optional rider, what the average monthly benefit purchased is, and what elimination and benefit periods are the most commonly selected.
  2. The second resource on this page is an instant disability insurance quote, also based entirely on your peer group. It shows you the average premium people in your occupation, age, income level and gender are paying right now for their Berkshire coverage. This allows you to select the amount that works for you before you begin the application process.
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Why Should You Work With Us?

There are several reasons we believe you should think about securing your income with a policy from Berkshire Life, and why you should buy that coverage from our office.

  • Berkshire Life offers what we believe to be the best coverage on the market today. You can fine tune their product offering to be anything from the most comprehensive coverage available in the industry down to a very basic plan. There really is no need to shop the market as they offer you the ability to get exactly what you need, and tailor it to your budget.
  • Our agents are truly specialists in the disability insurance industry. This is all we do every day, and as a result we have become very good at it. You can rest assured that we are not only going to be able to negotiate the best possible offer from the underwriting department because of our experience, but also that should you have to use this policy during a claim, our office has a lot of experience in this area as well. While your financial planner may be a friend, odds are he or she is not a specialist in the area of disability income. We know the people who work at Berkshire very well.

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