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Disability Insurance for Internal Medicine Physicians

As an Internal Medicine Physician you are able to obtain a Berkshire individual disability insurance policy at a competitive rate. We are sure many of your colleagues already own a Berkshire policy, and odds are that is why you have gone online to look for a policy yourself. We offer you several things you are not going to get anywhere else:

  1. Our proprietary quote tool shows you what the average premium other Internal Medicine Physicians who share your age, income, and gender are paying for their Berkshire policies with us.
  2. The other resource on this page peels back the curtain to show you exactly how your peer group buys a Berkshire policy. We will show you what percentage of your peers purchase each optional rider, what the average monthly benefit purchased is, and what percentage of them chose each elimination and benefit period. We take all of the guess work out of buying a disability insurance policy with Berkshire.
  3. The agents in our office have been selling Berkshire disability insurance to physicians since 1999, and we know every possible discount there is to obtain. We also know how to negotiate the best possible offer from underwriters for your policy. Quite frankly, this is our specialty and we are very good at it.

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Berkshire's Provider Choice Policy

This policy is designed to offer you a lot of choices, and to allow you to set the policy up to fit your needs. You can choose anything from a very basic contract, to the most comprehensive disability insurance protection anybody could own. The agent assigned to you will help walk you through all of your options, and help you understand what everything means. The tools on this web page will help you understand how the vast majority of internal medicine physicians bought a policy from us, but that does not mean that you should do what everybody else is doing, as everybody has different financial situations. What you really need to understand is that you are working with a disability insurance market leader in Berkshire Life, and the agents in our office are some of the best in the entire industry.

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