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Disability Insurance for an OB/GYN

We take the guessing game out of this process for you. Not only can you see how every other OB/GYN client of ours purchased their policy from us, you can get instant quotes using the form on the left to decide how much you would like to have.

We believe Berkshire to have the most comprehensive DI policy available in the market today for an OB/GYN, the three most important areas for you to focus on are;

  • Berkshire offers a few options for their definition of total disability, as an OB/GYN we recommend you choose the enhanced true own-occupation. This provides you with language in the policy that protects your medical specialty. Not every company selling DI offers medical specialty language protection.
  • A partial disability option that is unmatched in this industry. Berkshire pays benefits at a 15% loss of income instead of 20% like most of the competition, and does not require a loss of time or duties to pay a claim. This allows the Enhanced Partial Disability Rider to pay benefits until you financially recover, not just until you physically recover.
  • Berkshire is one of the most well known companies offering disability insurance for physicians in the industry.

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Ways to Save Money

Our firm has several ways for you to save money on the cost of your policy. We maintain a large database across the country of discounts available based on your affiliations with different hospitals and associations. Most agents across the country are not aware of all the available discounts you can get, when you speak with your agent in our firm they will look for every possible discount for you.

The Experience Of Our Agents

You will not be dealing with a call center representative working with us. Each and every agent in our firm has qualified for Berkshire's Inner Circle at some point in their career. No agent working here today has been here less than 10 years, and all they do every day is focus on disability insurance. We truly specialize in this one particular area so that we can provide you with the best service possible.

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