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Disability Insurance for Oncologists

How Oncologist Clients Buy Disability Insurance
See How Your Peer Group Buys a Policy


We do not need to discuss the need for this coverage with you, unfortunately you see what something like cancer does to your patients, and their ability to work every day. There are really a couple reasons why we recommend Berkshire's Provider Choice policy for people with your medical specialty;

  • If you choose the Enhanced True Own-Occupation definition of total disability, it provides you with language in the policy that protects your medical specialty. Not every company selling DI offers medical specialty language protection.

  • It has the most comprehensive Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit Rider in the industry as well. Benefits for partial disabilities start at 15% instead of 20% like most of the competition, and unlike many competitors Berkshire's policy does not require a loss of time or duties which allows them to pay until you financially recover, not just physically recover.

See What Oncologists Bought

Complete the quote request form on this page, and you will be able to see the average rates other oncologists are paying right now for their Berkshire disability insurance policies. The rate is based on our policyholders just like you who are also oncologists, your age, your gender, and have your income.

Once you see the rates they are paying, you can also see which optional riders your peer group selected on their policies. In other words, you will see how oncologists just like you set up their disability insurance coverage.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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