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Disability Insurance for Ophthalmologists

How Ophthalmologist Clients Buy Disability Insurance
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Use the form on this page to instantly see the average rates other ophthalmologists are currently paying who match your occupation, gender, age, and income level. We will also show you exactly how all of our ophthalmologist clients set-up their policy, and what optional riders they selected.

What Makes Berkshire Life Special for Ophthalmologists?

If you choose the Enhanced True Own-Occupation definition of total disability, this offers you medical specialty protection. This is the most comprehensive definition of total disability you can possibly own in the marketplace. Some carriers may or may not offer you own-occupation for the life of the policy depending on whether or not you perform any surgical duties.

Provider Choice, offered by Berkshire, provides you true own-occupation coverage for the entire benefit period to age 65 or age 67 regardless of whether or not you perform any surgical duties. However, that is not the only competitive advantage. Berkshire is one of very few carriers that in most situations does not limit benefits payable for any disability due to a mental and/or substance-related disorder2, where many of the competitors limit protection to two years for any mental or nervous claim.

The Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit Rider1 available with Provider Choice, is one of only three carriers to not require a loss of time and duties to pay a partial claim. The Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit Rider also includes a recovery provision that may consider you partially disabled for up to the entire benefit period if you continue to suffer a loss of income of at least 15% due to your sickness or injury even after you have recovered and returned to work full-time. Most of the competition will only pay a recovery benefit for 6-12 months following a claim, whereas with Provider Choice, you may be eligible to age 65 or 67 should you never financially recover.

Combine the enhanced true own-occupation definition of total disability, the Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit Rider with a built-in recovery provision, and the mental disorders protection not offered by competitors, and Provider Choice may be the most comprehensive level of disability insurance protection an Ophthalmologist can own.

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1. If you choose to have an optional rider on your policy your premium will increase.
2. Benefits paid are tax-free when premiums are paid with after-tax dollars.

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