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Disability Insurance for Optometrists

Provider Choice is an individual disability insurance product that is very comprehensive for an optometrist. Every company uses an occupational class system, which is one factor that determines your rate, and with Berkshire's product an optometrist has the absolute best occupational class available, a 6M. You pay the lowest rate possible for a disability insurance policy offered by Berkshire.

If you are a member of a local optometric association that endorses Berkshire, your rate can be even lower. Our agency will help you to identify every possible discount available to you, to reduce an already low rate.

Berkshire's policy offers you a true own-occupation definition of total disability to age 65 or 67. This protects you if solely due to sickness or injury you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation, even if you could work in some other occupation. You have spent many years training to be an optometrist, and this policy will pay you a total disability benefit for up to the entire benefit period even if you could work in some other capacity. It is quite simply, some of the most comprehensive level of disability insurance protection you can own.

While Berkshire does offer the best definition of total disability available, it is not the only feature that makes buying a policy from Berkshire an excellent choice for you. The Enhanced Partial Disability Benefit available with the Provider Choice does not require a loss of time or duties to pay a claim. This rider also includes a built-in recovery provision that may consider you partially disabled for the full benefit period as long as there is a 15% loss of income due to injury or sickness, which just may be the most important area of a DI policy.

The competition requires a 20% loss of income, any some require a loss of time and duties as well. This allows Berkshire to pay earlier, and longer than the competition. This is one of the most comprehensive levels of disability insurance protection an optometrist can own, and with the occupational class 6M rates, it is an excellent choice for you.


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