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Disability Insurance for Physician Assistants

Berkshire Life offers one of the most competitive individual policies available today for physician assistants. In our opinion, there is no other plan available to a physician assistant that can say we offer a more comprehensive definition of total disability. Berkshire's plan is designed to pay the most claims dollars in the most claims scenarios. If you want to protect your family by having the most comprehensive protection available, we believe Berkshire's Provider Choice disability insurance policy is that plan.

See How Other Physician Assistants Buy

When you use the quote request form on this page, you will be able to get an instant disability insurance rate. This rate is the average premium other physician assistants are currently paying who match your age, gender, and income level. You will also be able to see which optional riders physician assistants chose when they bought their own plan. Our goal is to make the buying process as easy as possible, and we have found our customers are much more comfortable when they know how people in their peer group bought the same coverage.

Benefits of Berkshire

Berkshire Life offers physician assistants a disability insurance product with a true own-occupation definition of total disability. They are one of a few carriers to offer true own-occupation coverage for the entire benefit period.

You have gone through years of education and a lot of training to become a physician assistant and this disability insurance product protects you if you are unable to, due to injury or sickness, perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation as a physician assistant. The policy helps protect you in your own occupation, even if you earn an income doing something else.

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