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Disability Insurance for Radiologists

How Radiologist Clients Buy Disability Insurance
See How Your Peer Group Buys a Policy


Berkshire offers what we believe to be the most comprehensive individual disability insurance policy on the market for radiologists. By using the "one of a kind" tool on this page, you will be able to instantly view the average rates all of our radiologist clients are paying by age, gender, and income range. You can also see what percentage of our clients chose each optional rider on their policies. In other words, we have set it up so you know exactly how your peer group buys disability insurance.

Possible Upgrade to Reduce Premiums

As a radiologist, after five years in practice, you are eligible for an upgrade in your occupational class. This means you can get the Provider Choice policy at a reduced rate.

Radiologists are originally classified as occupation class 4M's, however if you have been in practice for 5 years you would be considered a 5M instead4. This change reduces your premium. You are not only purchasing one of the best policies available today; you are also going to pay less for the same coverage.

Why Provider Choice?

Provider Choice is purposefully designed to help protect Radiologists and the medical field in general. It offers a true own-occupation definition of total disability as well as the popular "medical specialty language". Just review the list of optional riders above to see what percentage of our radiologist clients purchase each specific optional rider.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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Why You Should Choose Berkshire For Disability Insurance

Quite frankly there are very few companies who offer top-tier coverage for physicians today. Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America has been a market leader in the physician disability insurance market for a long time. Almost half of the business Berkshire does is with physicians, and the policy has been designed with the needs of physicians in mind. It is probably a safe assumption that many of your colleagues own a Berkshire disability insurance policy already, and we encourage you to also ask them why they purchased their policy from Berkshire. We don't believe a single policy in the DI marketplace can say they offer better protection for a radiologists income protection, and if you purchase your policy from our office we have a very large database of possible discounts to make sure your coverage costs the least amount possible.

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1. If you choose to have an optional rider on your policy your premium will increase.

2. This benefit is not necessarily protection against increases in the cost of living.

3. Retirement Protection Plus is not a pension plan, qualified retirement plan, or qualified individual retirement account or a substitute for one.

4. Determination of all classifications is the final decision of the home office underwriter.

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