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Disability Insurance for Radiologists

What is the Best Disability Insurance for Radiologists?

The best disability insurance policy is the one that pays the most claims in the most situations, and is there when you need it. To get the most comprehensive policy, radiologists should look for an own occupation definition of disability.

Enhanced True Own Occupation

  • Provides more opportunities to qualify for benefits than a traditional own occupation policy.
  • Offers the choice to work in another specialty and collect full disability benefits.
    • If totally disabled, you're able to receive your full disability benefits even if you're gainfully employed in another occupation or capacity.
    • It then adds another layer of security by stating that you will be considered totally disabled, if more than 50% of your income is from hands-on patient care and, solely because of injury or illness, you can no longer perform hands-on patient care; or if more than 50% of your income is from performing surgical procedures and, solely because of injury or illness, you can no longer perform these procedures.

Enhanced True Own Occupation disability insurance is the best type of coverage a radiologist can have, as it offers the most ways to be paid while disabled.

Radiologists are a Preferred Occupation

Many insurance carriers look at radiologists as a preferred occupation for disability insurance, offering them the best rates relative to other medical specialties. Some disability insurance carriers will offer:

  • 10% preferred occupation discount
  • Discounts with participating medical schools, residency programs, and associations
  • Occupation class upgrades after a period of time as a radiologist
While not all carriers offer all of the above, they all consider radiologists to be one of their preferred occupations for disability insurance.

Disability Insurance Benefits to Consider:

In addition to the Enhanced True Own Occupation language in the policy, radiologists should also consider the following optional riders on their policies:

  • Coverage for partial disabilities
  • Cost of Living Adjustments
  • Ability to increase coverage as income increases
  • Student loan debt payment protection


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