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Disability Insurance for Teachers

Teachers Have A Physically & Mentally Demanding Occupation

A teacher's job is to educate their students on topics they aren't as familiar with. Our job is very similar, in that we educate the public on the need to protect their income through the use of high quality disability insurance.

Disability insurance statistics have shown that at age 40, women are 125% more likely to be disabled before age 65, than they are to die1. When you consider your most valuable assets, you have to consider your income at the top of the list.

The Value of Your Income

Consider a 40 year old teacher earning $50,000 per year. Assuming that person never earns more than $50,000, and works until she is age 65, their income is worth $1,250,000! I would bet if you had something worth over a million dollars in your home, you'd insure it with the best coverage you could find. The same has to be done with your income.


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Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America now offers Provider Choice with options for teachers to choose benefits that best suit your needs. Different school systems offer different benefits, and private schools offer different benefits than many public schools. Berkshire's policy is able to be fine-tuned to help you make sure your income is protected in the event of an illness or accident.

Be sure you protect your income with a quality disability insurance policy that will replace your income if you can't work in your profession.

1. Mortality based on 2001 CSO Ultimate table (composite smoking status) Disability based on 1985 CIDA, 90-day elimination period, occupation class.

2017-41464 Exp 9/19

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