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Veterinarian Disability Insurance

When you teach your patient's owners the basics of preventative medicine—good nutrition, hygiene and the importance of appropriate vaccinations and preventative medications—you’re helping them avoid future problems for their animals.

But have you prepared as well for your own future—in particular, your financial future? What if, for example, you suddenly become disabled—through an accident…an injury…or an illness—and are unable to work? Are you fully prepared for such a scenario?

Unfortunately, no matter how young or careful you are, it can happen to you.

It's not safe to rely solely on a group long term disability policy your practice may have purchased. While group long term disability insurance is often relatively inexpensive and easy to administer, it can also fall short just when you need it most—leaving you in for some unpleasant surprises when it’s too late to correct the situation. Protect your financial security by purchasing individual disability insurance now.

See How Veterinarians Set-Up Their Disability Insurance

If you use the quote request tool on this page, we will instantly show you the average rate all of our veterinarian clients are paying right now based on age, gender, and income level. In other words, you will see what people just like you are paying right now for disability insurance. We will also show you what percentage of our veterinarian clients chose each optional rider on their contract. We think it helps you feel more comfortable with your buying decision when you see how several hundred other veterinarians set-up their disability insurance policies.


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Protecting your practice, as well as yourself

As a veterinarian, you must also protect the source of your income: the practice you’ve worked so hard to establish and grow. Special policies, available from the same disability insurance providers who offer high-quality individual coverage, offer your practice protection while you recover from an extended illness or accident.

To help meet the expenses of running the office while you are disabled, consider a separate type of disability insurance coverage known as Overhead Expense or OE. Benefits reimburse your practice for expenses such as rent for your office, electricity, heat, telephone and utilities, as well as interest on business debts and lease payments on furniture and equipment.

Overhead expense insurance specifically designed for professionals pays some additional costs not included in regular business overhead expense policies—including the salaries of employees except those who are members of your profession. In a veterinary practice, for example, salaries for the receptionist and nurse would be covered, but not the salary of your veterinarian partner or employee. However, high-quality Overhead policies will cover at least part of the salary of a professional temporary replacement for you, such as a veterinarian retained to fill in during your extended illness or accident.

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