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Disability Insurance for Home Based Businesses

As a home based business owner you have one concern that people who work for a firm don't have to deal with. You have to provide your own benefits. Individual disability insurance is the only way that you can protect your income should you become sick or hurt, and unable to earn an income performing the duties of your normal occupation. Berkshire can replace anywhere from 50-60% of your income on a tax-free basis1 should a disability happen.

Many major companies do not offer individual policies to people who have a home based business. It is very difficult to determine at claim time what material and substantial duties of your regular occupation can, and cannot be performed when somebody works from their home. Berkshire has home based business guidelines, whereby assuming you meet their guidelines, you have the opportunity to obtain one of the most comprehensive individual disability insurance policies on the market today.

Program Guidelines To Qualify As A Home Based Business

This program is intended for home based business owners in some occupations who do not have to leave their home on a regular basis or have clients come to their home to conduct business. If you do have a home based business, but have to leave your home regularly, or do not have clients come to your home, you may be able to obtain a disability insurance policy the same way anybody else does now. These guidelines are just for people who don't have to leave their home to work.

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The minimum policy size is $1,000, and Berkshire will issue up to $17,000 per month ($16K in CA) for somebody who has a home based business. You have the option to add the following optional riders1 to your policy as well; Cost of Living Adjustment Riders, Future Increase Option Rider, Social Insurance Substitute Rider, Automatic Benefit Enhancement Rider and Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider.

All applicants must show at least three years of earnings pattern on the application and submit normal financial requirements. You will also need to be under contract to perform in an appropriate business relationship and the contract will need to be provided for review.

While many other carriers will not offer a policy to a home based business owner, Berkshire does make one of the industry's leading DI policies available assuming you qualify based upon the above criteria. When you request a quote from our website make sure to indicate that you are a home based business owner so the proposal we email you is accurate.

1. Benefits paid are tax free when premiums are paid with after-tax dollars.

2017-51612 exp: 12/19

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