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Our firm has been focused on the sale of individual disability insurance to professionals across the United States since 2001. We have thousands of people who have purchased a policy from our agents online. The following quotes are a sample from a customer satisfaction survey sent in January of 2016.

  • Male dentist "The quotes were inclusive and reasonably priced. The agent worked hard to meet my needs and worked on my behalf."
    - C. Erickson
  • Female business person "Jack is the best - very knowledgeable, communicative, and honest."
    - B. Azimirad
  • Male doctor "Anthony is very upfront and straightforward, doesn't try high pressure tactics, and answers my email questions promptly always. No complaints."
    - M. Wu
  • Male business person "It was very easy to work with you guys. My questions were answered quickly and I feel I have the best insurance products for my needs."
    - T. Mitchell
  • Female doctor "Courteous and prompt, knowledgeable staff."
    - G. deGuzman
  • Woman doctor "My agent helped educate me on the terminology so that I could make an informed decision."
    - C. Ray
  • Businessman "Easy to deal with."
    - F. Clough
  • Businesswoman "The best thing about working with Disability Insurance Quotes was the patience and thoroughness of the agent when answering all of my questions."
    - B. Taylor
  • Male surgeon " I have had no problems."
    - C. Shelley
  • Man on phone "Professional."
    - S. Nguyen
  • Businessman "Good products at a fair price."
    - P. Essex
  • Business professional "Larry Laskin was very knowledgeable and helpful."
    - M. Aronov

These are the personal views of a select group of Disability Insurance Quotes clients related to the sale of an insurance product and may not be the experience of other clients. Opinions are not indicative of future performance or results.

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