Our goal is always to earn your business by offering our resources to help grow your business. Our unique ability is to help agents increase their DI sales, we help agents become very good at it. There are 4 things to consider as an agent;

The Guardian Disability Insurance Product1

Provider Choice Brochure CoverMost of the business we handle is focused on the Provider Choice disability insurance product. It allows a producer to truly customize your client's coverage. You could offer anything from one of the most extensive levels of protection in the industry down to a relatively inexpensive policy. Agents often choose Guardian1 for their physician and dentist clients, but the Provider Choice is just as competitive for other white-collar occupations like attorneys, executives, business owners, and sales professionals. Just about any white-collar professional is going to be an excellent fit for a Guardian1 disability insurance policy.

You are not going to lose a sale because somebody else has a better policy, we win a lot of sales because other companies do not have a lot of the features Guardian does.


Agents are always surprised at just how competitively priced Guardian's1 disability Insurance policies are. They do not try to be the cheapest policy for everybody, but they are very well priced for the business they want to have. Many of the largest DI producers in the country place the majority of their business with Guardian1, and they are able to do so because, in addition to having a wonderful product, it is also very well priced.

Business Products

Guardian1 is not limited to individual disability insurance, they have a full suite of competitive products for business owners as well.

The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America1

Guardian has been a leader in the individual disability insurance marketplace for the last twenty years usually finishing first or second in total Non-Cancellable DI sales according to LIMRA. While Guardian is a Fortune 500 company, and the 4th largest mutual life insurance company in the country, the Individual Disability Insurance profit center is run by its wholly-owned stock subsidiary Berkshire Life.

Your Support Team

Every brokerage manager in our office has over 20 years of experience wholesaling Guardian disability insurance, our head of new business underwriting was a former manager in the new business unit at Berkshire Life's home office and has been with us since 2003, and our general agent is the only person to be inducted into Berkshire Life's lifetime achievement award twice as a GA and a producer. We know how to get things done for you, and we don't make money unless you are making money.

Our Systems & Process Advantages

If you are reading this, congratulations!!!.... You have found why so many of the nation's top DI producers choose to work with our agency. We are firm believers in the product we sell, the company we represent, the people we work with, and the compensation offered... but our systems are unmatched. The systems we built on are designed and built by people who also sell disability insurance for Guardian1. The larger your book of business is, the more you will appreciate the systems we offer.

3 Keys to Our Next-Gen Systems

  • Agents should be selling and not underwriting, our client portal allows us to underwrite for you.
  • Future Increase Options are business builders, we automate this.
  • Policy Review System (not every policy has FIO)

Guardian Disability Insurance Compensation

Broker compensationAgents who sell a lot of DI know that the money is in the renewals. We can meet or exceed anybody's first-year commission schedule combing Guardian's FYC schedule with an ERA agreement. The FYC is irrelevant to us, the vast majority of compensation is in the renewals and that is where Guardian is very competitive.

Remember when we said many of the nation's top DI producers put most of their business with Guardian, the fact Guardian pays renewals for the life of the policy may have something to do with that. Most of the competition doesn't pay anything, or very little after policy year 10... Guardian pays up to 14.5% after policy year 10 for the LIFE OF THE POLICY!!! Most people buy their coverage in their early 30's, why would you want to stop receiving renewals when they turn 40?

The basic grid is 50-60% in FYC, if you produce enough business we will also offer you an ERA agreement for additional FYC. Renewals in policy years 2-10 are up to 17.5%, and renewals after policy year 10 are up to 14.5% for the LIFE OF THE POLICY!


1Individual disability income products underwritten and issued by Berkshire Life Insurance Company of America (BLICOA), Pittsfield, MA. BLICOA is a wholly owned stock subsidiary of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. Product provisions and availability may vary by state.

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