Our Best Sales Technique is Education

Disability insurance is not an easy product to understand as a consumer, every single company has a different product made up of completely different provisions. The definition of total disability with Guardian is not the same as any of our competitors. Life policies really only have one way to collect a benefit, disability income insurance policies have an almost unlimited number of ways you could become disabled.

In our experience, consumers tend to choose Guardian, as it is the most comprehensive level of protection you can have to protect your income and your family. Guardian is competitively priced, but it is not the cheapest product being sold on the marketplace. When you learn how the provisions of the contract work, and how it allows a policy to pay benefits, you will learn that nothing else really comes close. Guardian's1 Provider Choice policy is designed to pay earlier than the competition, more benefits during the claim, and for a longer duration.


2022-140682 Exp: 7/26/24