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Disability Insurance From Berkshire

Berkshire is a leader in the disability insurance industry, and has what we believe to be the most comprehensive product line available today. We don't think there is a single policy available on the market today that can say they offer better protection than ProVider Plus, this is a policy designed to pay the most benefits in the most claims scenarios.

See How Your Peer Group Owns Disability Insurance

On this web site we have pulled back the curtains to show you exactly how people just like you own disability insurance. Not only can you instantly see the average premium people are paying who share your age, occupation, gender and income, but you can also see what percentage of people chose each optional rider. We have taken all of the guess work out of the buying process so that you can feel much more comfortable about your decisions. Get the instant disability insurance quote that's right for you today.

Choose Your Occupation

To learn more about the specific needs of your occupation please choose from the options below, or visit our general occupation section. You can learn exactly how other people in your occupation set up their disability insurance policies with Berkshire.

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Why Buy From Us?

Each and every agent in our office is truly a disability insurance expert, and has qualified for Berkshire's "Inner Circle" for DI production. You will not be dealing with a call center representative, you will be assigned to one of our agents who has several hundred clients just like you. We know how to get every possible discount available, and have the relationships to make sure you get the best possible offers from underwriting.

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