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How Your Peers Buy Disability Insurance

We offer two unique online tools that show you how people with your same occupation, income level, gender, and age buy their policies. We have taken the guess work out of the purchasing process for you. Simply navigate to your occupation starting with one of the following links, and you will be able to see how everybody just like you buys their disability insurance from us.

Two Unique Online Resources

Once you have navigated our website to the page for your specific occupation, you will be able to use our first tool that allows you to see how your peer group sets up their policy. DI policies offer a lot of choices, and once you see what percentage of your peers chose each option it makes the purchasing process a lot easier and more transparent.

The second unique tool we offer is an instant disability insurance quote. Our quote tool shows you the average premiums everybody matching your occupation, gender, age, and income is currently paying for their policies.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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Disability Insurance from Berkshire

Berkshire is a leader in the professional disability insurance industry. Provider Choice is what we believe to be the most comprehensive product line available today. We don't think there is a single policy available on the market today that can say they offer better protection to disabled professionals than Provider Choice. This is a policy designed for value, flexibility, and to protect your income so that you can live confidently on your terms should you suffer a long-term illness or accident that prevents you from earning an income.

Why Buy From Us?

Each and every agent in our office is truly a comprehensive disability insurance specialist. You will not be dealing with a call center representative, you will be assigned to one of our agents who have years of experience and have handled a hundred clients just like you. We know how to get every possible discount available, and have the relationships to make sure you get the best possible offers from underwriting.

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