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Disability Insurance for Attorneys

How Attorney Clients Buy Disability Insurance
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See How Your Peer Group Buys a Policy


See How Other Attorneys Buy Disability Insurance

Our firm takes all of the guesswork out of purchasing an individual policy. We provide 100% transparency, showing you exactly how other attorneys matching your age and income level bought their policies from us. We offer two proprietary, and unique web-based tools that will help you feel very comfortable about your decision.

  1. The resource at the top of this page will show you exactly how everybody just like you bought their Berkshire disability insurance policy from us. It will display how every attorney matching your age, and income level set up the policies. It will display the most common optional riders purchased, and what percentage of your peers purchased each one. It will show you the average monthly benefit purchased by people just like you, as well as much more.
  2. The second resource on this page is an instant disability insurance quote calculator. This tool shows you the average premium people matching your age, income, gender, and occupation are currently paying for their policies now.

Attorneys get the best possible rates from Berkshire Life, no other occupation can say they get a better rate from Berkshire. The Provider Choice policy is designed to offer you many choices, so that you can choose to have the most comprehensive policy in the industry today, or a basic policy to cover the bare necessities. Our goal is to be completely transparent, and to offer you all the best information so that you can make an educated decision.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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My Firm Provides Group LTD Already?

Most law firms provide group long-term disability protection to every employee already. This is one policy that covers every associate, partner, and capital partner the same way. It also covers paralegals, and staff the exact same way. This one policy will typically pay 60% of income, up to a monthly maximum of $10,000. If the firm is providing this as a free benefit, that $10,000 is also taxed during a claim.

The bottom line is this, the higher your income is, the more you need a supplemental disability insurance policy. If you have trouble paying all of your bills on your current income, try paying them on 60% of your current income, and having to pay taxes on that. Only a supplemental plan can help insure your current standard of living should you ever suffer a sickness or accident that prevents you from being able to work.

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