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Disability Insurance for Dentists

How Dentist Clients Buy Disability Insurance
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Berkshire is one of the leading providers of individual disability insurance in the country for dentists. The ProVider Plus policy just may offer some of the most comprehensive disability insurance a dentist can own today. It offers competitive rates, true own-occupation coverage with dental specialty language in the base policy, some of the longest recovery benefits in the industry, and monthly benefits up to $17,0004. Our agency is also able to provide many dentists with association discounts.

ProVider Plus Highlights for Dentists

  • Own-occupation disability insurance for dentists, and dental sub-specialties to age 65 or 67
  • Optional Graded Lifetime Indemnity for Total Disability Rider1
  • Monthly Benefits Up To $17,000
  • Recovery provision built-into the Residual Disability Benefit Rider1 with potential benefits for up to the entire Benefit Period
  • Possible Association Discounts
  • Cost of Living Adjustment Riders2 Available

Own-Occupation Disability Insurance for Dentists

As a practicing dentist, you have received extensive education and training to be able to perform the required duties of your specialty. Whether you completed additional training through a residency program to become a prosthodontist or went straight into private practice as a general practitioner, we understand that your disability insurance policy needs to conform to the type of work that you are performing. Your hands are your livelihood!

That is why the individual disability insurance policy ProVider Plus, available through Berkshire, offers true own-occupation coverage with specialty language built into the base policy. Quite simply, this means that if solely due to sickness or injury you are unable to perform the material and substantial duties of your occupation. You will be considered totally disabled — even if you are working in another capacity.

Why Dentists Choose Berkshire

There are several reasons so many dentists choose to have their disability insurance with Berkshire Life. ProVider Plus may offer some of the most comprehensive disability insurance protection on the market for a dentist, and the rates are competitive in the industry. Berkshire's disability insurance policy offering is also endorsed by many state and local dental associations, offering a 10% discount to members of these associations.

One Of Berkshire's Most Competitive Advantages

dentist reviewing x-ray

ProVider Plus has a recovery provision for up to the entire benefit period through the Residual Disability Benefit Rider. Some disability insurance policies from competitors limit the recovery benefit for a limited time period or pay a lump sum benefit. The ProVider Plus individual disability insurance policy also starts paying benefits under the Residual Disability Benefit Rider at a 15% loss of income, vs the competition who require a 20% loss of income. This allows Berkshire to pay benefits sooner, and longer for residual claims.

Let's say you are disabled and not working for 18 months, and you magically recover overnight. How long would it take you to establish your current practice? Would your patients be able to wait 18 months to come see you again, or would they go elsewhere? Would it take a long time to rebuild your practice all over again?

It may take a long time to recover from an 18 month disability, and with this policy you would be eligible for residual disability benefits until the age of 65 or 67 as long as you suffer at least a 15% loss of income due to injury or sickness. You are buying disability insurance to protect your income, your income still needs to be protected after you physically recover from a period of total disability. Berkshire is one of very few carriers to offer this recovery provision for up to the entire benefit period to dentists.

Special Needs for Practice Owners

We understand that in addition to your duties as a dentist, you must also fulfill your role as a business owner. For this reason we invite you to visit the Small Business Owner section of this web site. There are needs that you must address in addition to your individual disability income insurance planning, such as:

  • Overhead Expense Insurance: To assist in paying the monthly bills associated with your practice should you ever become disabled. This policy provides benefits to reimburse monthly overhead expenses, such as utilities and employee salaries during a claim.
  • Business Reducing Term: Offered exclusively through Guardian, this policy helps protect business and/or equipment loans in the event of a disability. This policy is designed to conform to the specifics of your loan, and may be used to satisfy disability insurance loan requirements from your lending institution (i.e. Matsco, HPSC, AFTCO, etc.). In addition, the policy is significantly less expensive to purchase than your average disability income insurance or business overhead expense contract.
  • Disability Buy-Out: This policy provides cash to assist in the purchase of a disabled partner's or shareholder's business interest by the remaining owners.

Policy Form AH55-A provided by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. Product availability varies by state.

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