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Disability Insurance for Dentists

How Dentist Clients Buy Disability Insurance
See How Your Peer Group Buys a Policy


Why Dentists Buy Berkshire Disability Insurance?

  • Berkshire sells more to dentists than any other single occupation nationwide.
  • Most comprehensive DI product available to dentists.
  • Many discounts available.
  • Your occupation is physical in nature, and claims happen at a higher rate than many other medical occupations.

Two Unique Online Resources For Dentists

Our firm offers two web-based resources on this page that you cannot get anywhere else. We have taken all of the guessing game out of the disability insurance buying process.

  1. The first resource at the top of this page allows you to see how your peer group of dentists buys a policy. Simply input your age and income level, and you will see how other dentists just like you bought their Berkshire policies from us. It will show you the average monthly benefit purchased, which optional riders people bought, what elimination and benefit period people selected, and more.
  2. The second resource on this page is an instant quote. Input your information, and it will show you the average premium other dentists are currently paying who match your age, gender, and income level. This allows you to decide how much coverage you want to pay for.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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The Need For Income Protection

As a dentist you understand that your ability to work is what generates revenue. If you cannot see a patient because of an unexpected illness or accident, then no money comes into your practice. There are almost an infinite number of ways you could become disabled, but in your occupation if you are not working for an extended period of time, your patients are not likely to wait until you recover. They are more likely to find another dentist to fix whatever ails them, then you may have to rebuild once you come back to work. We believe so many dentists buy disability insurance from Berkshire because they are one of very few companies to offer optional riders that protect a dentist until they financially recover from a claim, not just until they physically recover.

Special Needs for Practice Owners

We understand that in addition to your duties as a dentist, you must also fulfill your role as a business owner. For this reason we invite you to visit the Small Business Owner section of this web site. There are needs that you must address in addition to your individual disability income insurance planning, such as:

  • Overhead Expense Insurance: To assist in paying the monthly bills associated with your practice should you ever become disabled. This policy provides benefits to reimburse monthly overhead expenses, such as utilities and employee salaries during a claim.
  • Business Reducing Term: Offered exclusively through Guardian, this policy helps protect business and/or equipment loans in the event of a disability. This policy is designed to conform to the specifics of your loan, and may be used to satisfy disability insurance loan requirements from your lending institution (i.e. Matsco, HPSC, AFTCO, etc.). In addition, the policy is significantly less expensive to purchase than your average disability income insurance or business overhead expense contract.
  • Disability Buy-Out: This policy provides cash to assist in the purchase of a disabled partner's or shareholder's business interest by the remaining owners.

Policy Form AH55-A provided by The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, New York, NY. Product availability varies by state.

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