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Disability Insurance for Accountants

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Berkshire offers a policy that allows you to truly customize your income protection. You can choose anything from the most comprehensive protection available today, down to a very basic policy. We have pulled back the curtain on the process of buying an income protection policy, so that you can see how every other accountant has bought their coverage from Berkshire Life with our office.

See How Accountants Buy A Policy

We offer two completely unique tools on this web page for you to utilize to help you design a disability insurance policy for yourself.

1. The quote tool will show you the price other accountants who match your age, gender, and income level are paying for their policies.
2. The other resource on this page will allow you to see how other accountants structure their individual policies. There are a lot of choices to make when buying a policy, this resource will let you see what percentage of you peer group purchased each optional rider, which elimination or benefit period they chose, and much more.


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Benefits of Buying Through Our Company

We have been focused on the sale of disability insurance since 1999 to consumers across the country. We truly specialize in this one specific area of financial planning, and as a result are able to negotiate with your underwriters to make sure you get the best policy possible, we have what we believe to be one of the largest databases of possible discounts you could obtain, and quite frankly you need to ask yourself a question: Who do you want on your side should you ever need to file a claim? Somebody with the experience and relationships we have, or an agent who may sell one or two of these policies a year?

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