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Disability Insurance for Business Owners

We Show You How Other Business Owners Bought Their Policies

Berkshire Life offers what we believe to be the best disability insurance policy in the industry right now, and it is designed to offer you the ability to pick and choose which benefits you want. On this web page we have taken all of the guesswork out of the purchase process. Using the tool above, you can see how your peers set-up their policies with us. We show you exactly how other business owners, with your same age and income bought a DI policy from us.

  1. The tool above will illustrate what percentage of your peers purchased each optional rider, what the average monthly benefit purchased is, and what percentage of people just like you chose each elimination and benefit period. We literally show you exactly how everybody like you owns a policy.
  2. The second option on this page is our instant disability insurance quote. Using this resource allows you to pick and choose how much coverage you want to own, and see what the average premiums are for that amount of coverage.
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Are You The Business?

Depending on the size and type of your business, you may have a few more needs when it comes to disability insurance. If you are the business, or a significant part of the business, then you may have some overhead expense planning needs for disability as well. A personal policy is designed to make sure you and your family maintain your current standard of living during a claim, a business overhead expense policy is designed to reimburse your deductible overhead expenses during that same claim. If you are your business, when you talk to your agent in our office please ask about an overhead expense policy.

Does Your Business Have Partners?

If you are not the only owner, then you most likely have a buy-sell agreement with your partners. Make sure that this buy-sell agreement has a provision in it for the event of a disability, and what happens in the event one owner becomes permanently disabled. We come across many agreements that only have provisions for the unexpected death of an owner, but never address disability. There is an insurance policy available to protect the business, and fund any buy-sell agreements in the event of a disability.

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