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Disability Insurance for Cardiologists

How Do Cardiologists Buy Berkshire Disability Insurance Policies?

You have come to the right place, on this page we offer you two unique resources to help you purchase a policy that are not offered anywhere else.

  1. The first resource at the top of this page makes use of our extensive database of other cardiologists who currently own a Berkshire DI policy. It will show you exactly how your peer group designs their own policies. Simply input your age and income level, and you will see how other cardiologists just like you designed the policies they purchased from us. We have pulled back the curtain so all of the guessing is removed from the purchasing process.
  2. The second resource we offer you is along the same line, it shows you what the average premium other cardiologists who match your income, age, and gender are currently paying for their policies. This allows you to decide how much coverage you would like to buy, and also see what your peer group is currently doing as well.

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Why Work With Our Firm?

The agents in our firm are specialists, we focus on protecting our clients income with personally owned disability insurance policies. As a specialist yourself, you can understand the difference in knowledge of somebody going to a GP instead of a cardiologist on matters of the heart. We don't think it is any different when it comes to disability income. A financial planner has to be good at many different financial service products, we specialize in just one area. We believe we get the best possible offers from insurance companies because we have the experience to negotiate the best possible offers from underwriters, we know about every possible discount to put on your policy, and more importantly we have paid more claims than just about anybody else. We work with the executives at Berkshire every day, and know them on a first name basis. So ask yourself, who would you want on your side handling your income protection, a GP or a specialist?

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