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Since 1999, we have provided individual disability insurance to people nationwide via this website. We have provided tens of thousands of customers with a high-quality policy like Provider Choice. In a review of the data from, of those who purchased a policy from our firm, it was interesting to see which occupations actually ended up buying a policy the most.

Why Are There So Many Physicians?

When we first reviewed our analysis there were no really big surprises. We have always known that Guardian is a market leader in disability insurance for physicians and dentists, so we expected all of these specialties to be at the top of our lists.

The Provider Choice policy has a definition of total disability designed specifically for physicians that is not offered anywhere else in the industry, so we expect to continue to see medical occupations at the top of this list for the long term.

Professional Occupations

We were also very happy to see so many attorneys, executives, and sales professionals in our top 20 occupations buying a policy. Insurance companies are always trying to increase their in-force block of business from non-medical occupations to diversify their book of business, and we are certainly doing our fair share of non-medical occupations. It makes sense to us, attorneys and executives are in some of Berkshire's best occupational classes, so they get a very good rate.

This Is Not Rocket Science

There are a few things we know to be true having specialized in this business for so long. Most people want to get a policy to protect their family, that is the driving motivation for the majority of our clients. The policy they choose is usually determined based upon;

  • Having The Best Benefits for Your Specific Occupation
  • Price of the Product

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Female dentist looking at patients teethPeople Who Understand The Need The Most, Buy The Most

We often ask this question to people thinking about buying a disability insurance policy, "Why do you think so many physicians buy a policy?" It is because they see what illness does to somebody every day and understand the need for coverage better than anybody. 90% of long-term disabilities are caused by illness, physicians know this, that is why you see so many physicians on this list. We never have to go over disability insurance statistics with a physician, they just want to have the best policy they can get their hands on.

As a consumer, I would want to buy the same policy my physician owns because no other occupation spends more time understanding disability insurance.

Price Matters

It should not come as a shock to anybody that attorneys are close to the top of this list. They receive the best occupation class, so they have the lowest cost for disability insurance with Guardian. It makes sense that anybody who can get the Provider Choice for the lowest cost is going to buy it frequently.

You will find most of the occupations on this list are either in the top occupation classes, or the best occupation classes available for physicians and dentists. You will also find the people who understand the need for this product the most like insurance agents and physicians are also the people who buy Provider Choice the most. We put this small article out there for anybody to review, we are a big fan of data, and we thought some may find this kind of thing interesting.

This material contains the current opinions of the author but not necessarily those of Guardian or its subsidiaries and such opinions are subject to change without notice.

Top 20 Occupations Buying Disability Insurance

By : Bill Olmsted

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