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Disability Insurance for Registered Nurses

As a nurse, you understand the need to protect your income. Each day, you treat patients that aren't going to be able to go back to work immediately. Unfortunately, even though their income stops, the bills and family obligations do not. Many of these patients will have no way to pay these expenses without dipping into savings - which won't last very long. Nurses see the reality of a long term disability each and every day, make sure you have an individual disability insurance policy to protect you and your family in the event an illness or injury prevents you from being able to work as a nurse.

Disability Insurance Rates for Nurses

We offer you two unique resources on this web page that will show you exactly how other nurses matching your age and income bought their Berkshire policies from us. There are many decisions to make when buying a policy, and these two resources are designed to take all of the guessing out of this process. We are going to show you exactly how your peers bought their policies.

  • The first tool at the top of this page shows you exactly how other nurses structured their DI policy from us. All you have to do is input your age and income level, and you will see which optional riders other nurses decided to take, what the average monthly benefit your peer group purchased, and which elimination and benefit periods are the most commonly used. We literally roll back the curtain on the buying process.
  • The second tool on this page is an instant disability insurance quote resource. Simply input your gender, age, and income level and you will see what the average premiums other nurses just like you are currently paying for their Berkshire policies.


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We have been selling DI to consumers online since 1999, and have received tens of thousands of quote requests from almost every occupation known to man since then. More nurses request quotes from us than any other occupation, we don't have to sell you on the need to protect your income against an illness or accident because you see it every day. We encourage you to spend some time on the phone with the agent assigned to you, we will be able to design a plan that provides you with the protection you need, and still fits within your budget.

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