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Disability Insurance for Professionals

A disability insurance policy is one of the most important aspects of a sound financial plan. How you choose to structure that policy matters a lot, and on this website we show you how people in your occupation set-up their own coverage. Choose from the list below to see exactly how your peer group typically buys disability insurance.

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Berkshire Disability Insurance Advantages

Once you understand the need for income protection, either because you know somebody who has lived through a disability, or you finally understand the risk, the only decision left to make is which company you are going to use. Berkshire's disability insurance policy is one of the top selling DI policies in the market today to professionals throughout the United States. There are several reasons people choose Berkshire over the competition, the policy has several unique advantages:

  • Own-Occupation Definition of Total Disability
  • Competitive Pricing for Professionals
  • Optional Graded Lifetime Indemnity Benefit Rider
  • Recovery Benefits for up to The Entire Benefit Period with the Enhanced Partial Rider
  • Enhanced Partial Rider Starts at 15% Instead of 20%, and does not require a loss of time or duties
  • 4-Year Delayed COLA Rider
  • 5-Year Waiver of Elimination Period

Our disability insurance agents are available by phone during the week from 9-7 EST toll free at (888) 513-2300.

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