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What are the Benefits of Having Coverage?
by William Olmsted

Buying disability insurance is the most important financial decision you can make. That’s a pretty big claim, but it’s true. There are benefits to having a policy that are not available through any other type of insurance or investment product.  We will look at those benefits, as well …


10 Easy Tips to Buying The Right Disability Insurance Policy
by Steve Crawford

Purchasing individual disability insurance can become a difficult decision in today’s market if you are buying a policy for the first time. There are about a dozen different carriers that provide the majority sold today, and finding the best company possible to protect your income is not easy …


Applying for Personal Disability Insurance
by William Olmsted

You've decided to buy a policy. You've requested an instant disability insurance quote, talked to a couple of agents and reviewed with them the options on the policies they recommend. It's now time to fill out an application and see if you qualify for a policy. You might think that the hard …


Questions a Buyer Should Ask Before Buying Individual Disability Insurance
by Anthony Delvecchio

For most individuals, disability insurance can seem like a complicated process that can be overwhelming. Regardless of what spurred your action to pursue buying a policy, whether you just had a close friend become disabled or you recently found out your Group LTD at work is not what you believed it …


Protecting A Family Takes TWO INCOMES
by Jack Le, CFP®, CLU®

According to a 2017 report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 61.1% of families with children have two working parents.1 This figure should not surprise any young couple in today’s economy. Life is expensive and raising children, paying for education, saving for retirement and managing day to …


What Income Ranges Buy Income Protection?
by Larry Laskin

Who is most likely to purchase an personal disability insurance policy from Berkshire Life? What occupations buy disability insurance? What is their income range? A couple of years ago we began compiling data to answer these questions. Some of the answers they found were surprising, while others seemed …


How to Buy Disability Insurance on a Budget
by Bill Olmsted

You’ve finally gotten around to taking that step to protect your income and you’re ready to buy a disability insurance policy. You have requested quotes from a few brokers on-line, and the emails are starting to show up with several options. The problem is the cost of the coverage with everyone …


The Top 20 Occupations Buying Disability Insurance
by Bill Olmsted

Since 1999, we have provided individual disability insurance quotes to people nationwide via this website. In that time, we have seen tens of thousands of people request quotes and buy policies. In a recent review of the data of those who purchased a policy from our firm, it was interesting to see which …


Have A Pre-Existing Medical Condition?
by Bill Olmsted

I get asked frequently how certain pre-existing conditions will be handled by the underwriter of a disability insurance policy. The truth is that if you have a pre-existing medical condition, it may affect the outcome of your disability insurance application.  Take the example of someone who has …


Protecting Sales Professionals Commission Income
by Anthony Delvecchio

Physicians get it. Surgeons get it. Dentists get it. Unfortunately in my experience the sales professional doesn’t see the importance of a comprehensive disability insurance policy.  The most common response I get is “if I can talk I can work.” That may not be the case. What …


Four Drawbacks Regarding Disability Retirement Benefits for Federal Employees
by Jack Le, CFP®, CLU®

Federal employees typically have disability coverage through the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS). However there are four major concerns regarding disability benefits under FERS. For the first 12 months of a disability, the benefits payable is only 60% of your high-3 average salary. Thereafter, …


Disability Insurance is NOT Expensive
by Bill Olmsted

I frequently get calls from people looking for an individual disability insurance policy to protect their income in their own occupation. In the course of conversation, we discuss the monthly benefit that they can qualify for, the features of the policy that are right for them, and finally the cost. …