As a Resident or Fellow, you likely understand the importance of financial protection for your future. One of the best ways to protect your income is through disability insurance. However, not all disability insurance policies are created equal. That's where the guaranteed standard issue (GSI) disability insurance comes in. In this article, we will explain what GSI disability insurance is, the advantages of Guardian's Provider Choice policy, and how to take advantage of the GSI programs available at top institutions across the country.

What is GSI disability insurance?

GSI disability insurance guarantees coverage to eligible individuals without the need for medical underwriting. In other words, as long as you meet certain eligibility criteria, you are guaranteed coverage regardless of any pre-existing health conditions. This can be particularly beneficial for physicians who may have health conditions that could make it more difficult to obtain traditional disability insurance.

Advantages of Guardian's Provider Choice Policy

Guardian's Provider Choice policy is among the highest-quality disability insurance policies available to physicians today. It offers several advantages over other policies, including:

  1. Non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable coverage: Once approved for coverage, your policy cannot be canceled or changed as long as you continue to pay your premiums.

  2. High monthly benefit amounts: You can choose a monthly benefit amount of up to $30,000, which can provide substantial financial protection in the event of a disability.

  3. Coverage for partial disabilities: Provider Choice offers coverage for partial disabilities, which means you can receive benefits even if you are only partially disabled and can work part-time.

  4. True own-occupation coverage: Provider Choice offers true own-occupation coverage, which means you can receive benefits if you cannot perform the duties of your specific medical specialty, even if you can work in a different field.

  5. Additional riders: Provider Choice also offers several optional riders, including a cost of living adjustment rider, a student loan protection rider, and a retirement protection plus rider.

Guardian GSI Programs Available at Top Institutions

Guardian's GSI programs are available at several top institutions across the country, including:

Ascension Providence - Southfield Baystate Health - UMass Chan Cedars Sinai
Cooper University Einstein Healthcare Network Emory University
Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) Jefferson Health Kaiser Permanente
LSU Mayo Clinic McLaren Macomb
Mount Sinai Mount Sinai (FL) OSF St. Francis
Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) Piedmont Healthcare Prisma Health
Rowan University Stony Brook University Temple University
The Ohio State University Tufts University UNC
University of Alabama at Birmingham University at Buffalo University of Central Florida (UCF)
University of Florida (UF) University of Iowa University of Kentucky
University of New Mexico University of South Florida (USF) University of Vermont
UPMC UT Health San Antonio Virginia Mason
Wake Forest Washington University at St. Louis Medical College of Wisconsin

These programs offer eligible individuals the opportunity to obtain Guardian's Provider Choice policy without the need for medical underwriting1. To take advantage of these programs, click on the hyperlink for the institution of your choice and follow the instructions on the program website.

It's important to note that to take advantage of a Guardian GSI offer, you cannot apply for disability insurance with another company first; Guardian must be your first application.

Coverage for Common Health Conditions

One of the benefits of GSI disability insurance is that it can provide coverage for common health conditions that may make it more difficult to obtain traditional disability insurance. For example, individuals with diabetes, obesity, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, pregnancy, or a history of cancer may still be able to obtain coverage under a GSI program.

Design Your Own Disability Insurance Quote Online

Another advantage of Guardian's GSI programs is that eligible individuals can design their disability insurance quote online. Click on the hyperlink for your chosen institution and follow the program website instructions.

Exclusive Offers Only Available Through Participating Agents

It's important to note that these GSI programs are exclusive offers only available through participating agents listed on each program's website. These agents are knowledgeable about the specific GSI program and can help guide you through the application process.

In addition, Guardian has a strong reputation for excellent customer service and claims handling. This can provide confidence, knowing that you will be well taken care of in the event of a disability. Guardian has been a market leader in disability insurance for physicians for several decades, and they have one of the most comprehensive policies available to medical professionals today.

In conclusion, as a resident or fellow, it's important to consider disability insurance as part of your financial planning. Guardian's Provider Choice policy offers several advantages over other policies, and its GSI programs provide an opportunity to obtain coverage without the need for medical underwriting. Eligible individuals can design their disability insurance quote online through the GSI programs available at top institutions across the country. Remember, Guardian must be your first application to take advantage of a GSI offer. Consider speaking with a participating agent listed on each program website to help guide you through the process and ensure that you have the coverage you need for your future.


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