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Disability Insurance Articles

Need For Disability Insurance

This is the largest section of articles we have on the website, all designed to help you understand the need to protect your income with a disability insurance policy. We believe a personally owned policy is the most important financial services product you can own. It is the foundation to any financial plan, and without it all the planning in the world could shatter in the event of a sickness or injury preventing you from being able to bring home an income.

Disability Insurance 101

A personal policy is not easy to understand, every company has a completely different policy with their own definitions which dictate when or even if they will pay you a benefit. There are potentially thousands of ways one could suffer a long term disability, so you really need to understand how a personal policy works before you make a buying decision. The articles in this category are all meant to help you understand the many different provisions that make up a policy.

Physicians and Dentists

Physicians and dentists buy disability insurance more than any other occupation, and many companies compete for this business. Physicians and dentists understand the very real possibility of a sickness or injury preventing them from being able to work and bring home an income, so the vast majority do own a contract. This section of articles is designed to help them understand the major differences between Berkshire's plans and the competition. You will be able to read articles about own-occupation disability insurance, and other major factors that make Berkshire one of the top choices for physicians and dentists.

Business Owners

When you own your own business, the disability insurance planning process becomes different. As a business owner you truly have two incomes to worry about, your personal income, and your business income. There are also several other types of business related policies designed to protect your business should something happen to you as the owner. The articles in this category help you understand the proper way to make sure your business survives should something happen to you as the owner.

Disability Insurance Company Information

While the actual disability insurance policy is very important, the company backing that policy is also a key factor in your buying decision. It is important to know if that company is going to still be in business at the time you may need to file a claim. Berkshire Life is one of the top disability insurance companies in the United States, and the articles in this section are all designed to help you understand more about the company behind your policy.

Types of Coverage

There are many different ways to protect your income, and in these articles we will try to help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of some of the most popular choices. We have articles discussing Group LTD, individual disability insurance, certain state programs, multi-life, association plans, and more.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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