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The associates and disability insurance specialists in our firm have been interviewed, published and referenced by multiple media and news organizations ever since our first website was launched in 1999. Individual disability insurance is a product that our associates specialize in, our agents and the information published on our website has been referenced by some of the largest media and news organizations in the United States.

Wall Street Journal
Time Magazine - 4 Things To Know About Disability Insurance (8/16)

After reviewing all of the above, if you decide to buy additional coverage, check whether it’s offered through your employer. That will typically be the least expensive option. If it isn’t offered, get some quotes from an online broker, such as...DisabilityQuotes.com.

Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal - 3/6/16

What to Know About Disability Insurance
"Disability Insurance Quotes (disabilityquotes.com) offers good information and articles about the basics: how coverage works, how much you might need, and what to look for in a policy."

MarketWatch - 5/9/11

How to Buy Disability Insurance
"For a general Q&A on disability insurance, try Disability Quotes"

The New York Times
The New York Times - 2/5/10

The Odds of A Disability Are Themselves Odd
Mr. Crawford said his numbers came from Guardian, a big player in disability insurance.

Forbes - 10/28/02

Accelerated Payment
"A 50-year-old nonsmoker might qualify for a disability insurance policy that would cost only $819 a year."

CNN Money
CNN Money - 5/6/02

Ouch! Don't Forget Disability Insurance
"Getting the right policy isn't easy. Prices vary widely, and only a handful of the big insurers even offer disability policies, said Steve Crawford."

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