Thank You for Requesting a Quote and MD Preferred Partnership and MD Preferred have enjoyed a partnership that started 3 years ago. Over the years we have made getting disability insurance quotes a simple process. Young physicians, residents, and fellows can now obtain a "medical specialty language" quote by simply completing the short form to the right.

Why Buy Now?

Young physicians and especially those still in training (residency, fellowships, interns) should understand the importance of getting an individual plan now as opposed to waiting until you begin your career in a practice. The main reasons for buying now:

  1. You're healthy now!
  2. Rates based on age - Lock in your lower rate now.
  3. Residency/Fellowship program discounts may be available.
  4. Own Occupation contract language available today
  5. First year physician and resident/fellow special benefit limits available

The one thing we know today is your health. There are discounts across the country. The language in today's policy offers the most comprehensive coverage available. Rates can be locked in at a younger age or even graded, which allows you to get an individual plan and pay less while in residency.

About Us

For over 15 years, our specialists have assisted thousands of clients by designing customized plans that include:

  1. Individual Disability Insurance
  2. Supplemental coverage for group LTD plans
  3. Business Overhead Expense Protection
  4. Bank Loan Disability and Life Protection
  5. Funding Buy-Sells
  6. Student Loan Protection
  7. Retirement Plan Contribution Protection

Our agents have sold more than $48,000,000 per month in disability insurance benefits! They will help guide you and make sure that you are purchasing the best policy available to you at the best rates.

Complete the request form on the right and take the first step to protecting your most valuable asset, your ability to earn an income. You can also call us toll free at 866-680-8779.

Instant Disability Insurance Quote

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