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Physician Disability Insurance

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Most Common Optional Riders1 for Medical Professional Clients Based Upon the Age, Gender, & Benefit Amount Selected
1. Residual Disability Benefit Rider 94.87%
2. Future Increase Option Rider 60.99%
3. 3% Compound Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Rider2 59.89%
4. Catastrophic Disability Benefit Rider 19.17%
5. 4-Year Delayed COLA Rider2 18.56%
6. Automatic Benefit Enhancement Rider 16.20%
7. Unemployment Waiver of Premium Rider 2.83%
8. 6% Compound Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) Rider2 2.37%
9. Basic COLA 3 2.21%
10. Basic Residual Disability Benefit Rider 1.96%
What Makes Guardian An Excellent Choice for Physicians?
Guardian's ProVider Plus has been the number one choice for individual non-cancellable DI for several years.1 There are several reasons physicians choose to have their incomes protected by Guardian and Berkshire:
  • Own-Occupation Definition of Total Disability To Age 65 or 67 Regardless of Medical Specialty
  • Medical Specialty Language In The Definition Of Total Disability
  • Monthly Benefits up to $17,000.
  • Competitive Pricing for Medical Professionals
  • No Limitations on benefits payable for disabilities caused by mental/nervous and/or substance-related disorders.2
  • Optional Graded Lifetime Benefits for Benefits Beyond Age 65/67.
  • Recovery Benefit up to the Benefit Period through Residual Disability Rider.
  • Residual Disability Rider Starts At Only 15% Loss Of Income.

Feel free to contact one of our disability insurance agents from 9-7 EST at 888-513-2300. ProVider Plus really may the be the best individual disability insurance policy a physician or dentist can own today.

1. Source: 2012 LIMRA International U.S.Individual Disability Income Insurance Annual Review Report, based on annualized premium.
2. Twenty-four month mental and/or substance-related disorders limitation is included on all policies issued to anesthesiologists/anesthetists (MD, DO), emergency room physicians, pain management physicians, and nurse anesthetists. Limitation also applies to all new policies issued in the states of California and Florida. The limitation does not apply to policies as a result of a future increase option or future purchase option where the policy from which the option is exercised does not contain such a limitation. The limitation does not apply to any policies issued in the state of Vermont, regardless of occupation.