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Why Use Us To Buy Disability Insurance as a Physician?

We have been selling DI to physicians online since 1999, and as a result are able to offer you a few items you are not going to get anywhere else;

  1. Our proprietary quote tool allows you to see what the average rate other physicians just like you are paying for their in-force policies based on your medical specialty, age, gender, and income level. In other words, you will see what your peer group is currently paying for their policies.
  2. The other resource on the individual medical specialty pages peels back the curtain and shows you exactly how people in your medical field set up their policy. You will see what percentage of your peer group buys each specific optional rider, what elimination and benefit period they chose, and what the average monthly benefit is for other physicians in your medical specialty sharing your income, age, and gender.
  3. All of the agents in our office focus all of their time on the sale of Berkshire disability insurance. We know every possible discount available across the country, and how to negotiate the best possible offers from underwriting. If you want to make sure you are in good hands for your income protection, we don't think there is anybody better.

Feel free to contact one of our disability insurance agents from 9-7 EST at 888-513-2300. Provider Choice really may the be the best individual disability insurance policy a physician or dentist can own today.

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